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Losing teeth can happen for many reasons. The most common cause of tooth loss is gum disease, although you can also lose teeth as a result of facial trauma, tooth decay, or bruxism. No matter if your teeth fall out on their own or you need to have them extracted, the effects are all the same, and your whole life is impacted. At Jillian Prather Family Dentistry, we can replace missing teeth with dentures and partials.

What Happens When I Lose My Teeth?

There are several issues that arise when you suffer tooth loss. Moreover, the more teeth you lose, the worse the effects become. These effects include
•  Difficulty biting and chewing, which affects digestion and nutrition.
•  Trouble speaking properly.
•  Deteriorating smile and loss of confidence.
•  Loss of bone mass in the jaw, which causes the bone to weaken and change shape. Any healthy teeth remaining in the arch begin to shift out of alignment.

Dentures for Tooth Loss

Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth that have been around for a few hundred years. While the dentures of today are much different from the first dentures, and even vastly different than dentures from just a few decades ago, the premise behind them is still very similar. Dentures consist of a base that holds replacement teeth. Dentures today have an acrylic gum, or clear, colored base and acrylic resin teeth. They are designed to look more natural and feel less bulky. Your dentures are made from impressions of your mouth, and the base is designed to sit directly on your gums, which provide the support for your new teeth.

Replacing a Full Arch of Missing Teeth

When most people think of dentures, they think of full dentures. These are restorations designed to replace an entire arch of teeth. Before taking impressions of your mouth, any unhealthy teeth that are still in the jaw need to be extracted. After they are extracted, the impression is taken and then used to custom design your new teeth. Full dentures can be used to replace an upper arch of missing teeth, a lower arch, or even both.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a type of denture that is used to replace a section of missing teeth when the rest of your teeth in that arch are still perfectly healthy. After all, there is no reason to extract perfectly healthy teeth. They are made the same way as full dentures and have a similar design. Partial dentures also have metal clasps, which attach to your healthy teeth to provide your restorations with additional support.

Benefits of Dentures and Partials

Dentures and partials provide several benefits. These include
•  Restoring your ability to eat many of your favorite foods. When you can chew more effectively, your digestion and overall nutrition greatly improve.
•  Your speech is restored.
•  You regain your smile, as well as your confidence. Dentures today look much more natural than the dentures of just a few decades ago.
•  Partial dentures help to prevent too much shifting of your adjacent teeth.

If you have suffered tooth loss, replacement is essential. With partial or full dentures, we can help to replace sections of missing teeth or an entire arch. Call Jillian Prather Family Dentistry at (918) 401-9933 to schedule your appointment and find out just how dentures can help.
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If you've suffered tooth loss, replacement is essential. With partial or full dentures, Jillian Prather Family Dentistry can help replace missing teeth!
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