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If you are a parent, you understand that you need to be prepared for any emergency. It is a little-known fact that fifty percent of children in the United States will suffer a traumatic oral injury. These injuries are rarely life threatening, but they can have serious, sometimes long-term implications in regards to appearance and self-esteem. Understanding how to address a potential crisis is the first step in keeping your family happy and healthy.

Action Not Reaction

Dental emergencies usually occur when a tooth is chipped, fractured, loosened, or falls out due to trauma. They can occur quickly and unexpectedly. Common causes include trips or falls onto hard objects, fights, and sports related injuries. If this does happen to you knowing how to respond could protect your child from infection and avoidable loss of a tooth. Here are a few recommended steps to take in case of an emergency.

To Do Immediately

1.  Examine child
2.  Identify any sources of bleeding
3.  Sanitize the wound
4.  Determine the level of severity
5.  If the severity is warranted, take your child to the emergency room or dentist as soon as possible.
6.  If you are unsure, call a professional. It is always best to proceed with caution.

What to Do If a Tooth Is Knocked Out

Every trauma is different, and each one requires a different approach. One of the most distressing dental injuries you might encounter is when a tooth is completely knocked out. You should know that in some cases, it is possible to save the tooth and have Jillian Prather, DMD replant it. Hopefully, this situation never arises, but if it does, here are a few things that you can do:
1.  Try to control the bleeding by placing a sterile gauze over the empty socket. Ask your child to bite down on the gauze.
2.  When you recover the tooth, try to avoid touching the root of the tooth.
3.  If the tooth is dirty, wash it in milk. Do not scrub it, you do not want to remove any piece of tissue that might be attached.
4.  After cleaning the tooth, put the tooth back in its socket. Stabilize it with gauze, and secure it by continuing to bite down on the empty socket.
5.  If it is not possible to put the tooth back in the socket, place it in a container with milk or salt water.
6.  Do not cover the tooth with a napkin and avoid keeping it dry.
By following these steps, you maximize the viability of the tooth and increase its potential for reattachment.

Be Prepared

When you are a parent, you know you need to be ready for anything. For your own peace of mind, you should invest in a dental emergency first aid kid. Experts recommend you always keep the following items on hand:
•  Gauze
•  Mouthwash
•  Compresses
•  Sterile Solution
•  Storage Container

Having these tools available to you will help you to react quickly, avoid infection, and potentially save your child from unnecessary complications.

Better Safe Than Sorry

No matter how minor it may seem, facial trauma is a big deal. If you have any questions or concerns, call us today at (918) 401-9933.
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Dental emergencies usually occur when a tooth is chipped, fractured, loosened, or falls out due to trauma. They can occur quickly and unexpectedly. Call us and we will get you in as soon as possible.
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