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Woman under conscious sedation at dentist office in Owasso, OK at Jillian Prather Family Dentistry.While brushing and flossing at home are important habits for reducing your risk of serious oral health issues, there are times when professional care is needed. Whether it is regular cleaning and exam, a filling, a root canal, or another type of treatment, Jillian Prather Family Dentistry can provide you with the care you need to maintain optimal oral health. However, if you find the thought of going to the dentist nerve-wracking or frightening, you might avoid care at all costs. This can have dire consequences for your oral health and your overall health. We can help with sedation dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is designed to help you deal with the feelings of fear and anxiety that you experience over going to the dentist. Sedation is used to relax you, enabling you to feel more comfortable in the dental chair, while we perform your necessary procedures. By providing you with the care that you need, we can help you to optimize the health of your mouth.

Why Use Sedation?

If you are anxious or nervous even thinking about going to the dentist, these feelings can cause you to avoid treatment. You may even skip out on routine cleanings and exams. Ignoring dental care, even routine care, can have serious consequences on your oral health. Just because you do not feel anything wrong, that does not mean that there are no issues present. Many issues do not exhibit any symptoms in the early stages. By the time you notice anything, they have become more severe. The longer you ignore the need for dental treatment, the worse oral health issues become. They do not get better on their own. Without treatment, you can be faced with infections, tooth loss, and severe health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Fear and anxiety are only some of the reasons for sedation. Other reasons include:
•  Difficulty sitting still.
•  Bad gag reflex.
•  Low pain tolerance.
•  Extreme tooth sensitivity.
•  You require a significant amount of dental work.
•  Your procedures will take a long period.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is the lightest form of sedation available. It is better known to most as laughing gas. This type of sedation is a gas, which is delivered along with oxygen through a small mask worn over your nose. You inhale the gases, which relax you while also increasing your pain tolerance and decreasing your gag reflex. With nitrous oxide, you are fully conscious and able to answer questions and respond to requests. The gas goes to work within minutes and relaxes you so that you can remain calm and comfortable. When your procedure is over, the gas is turned off, and the effects wear off quickly. So quickly, in fact, that you can drive yourself home after treatment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

We also provide oral conscious sedation. This type of sedation involves a medication that is taken by mouth an hour before your scheduled appointment. It is a form of moderate sedation. After you take the medication, it goes to work within half an hour, so it is important that you have a driver. When it takes effect, it makes you feel drowsy and completely relaxed. Many patients experience temporary amnesia with oral conscious sedation. They may not remember parts, or any, of their procedure. The effects of oral conscious sedation can linger for several hours, so you will need to have a ride home as well. If just the thought of undergoing dental care makes you anxious or frightened, sedation dentistry can help. Call Jillian Prather Family Dentistry at (918) 401-9933 for more information today.
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Sedation dentistry is designed to help you deal with the feelings of fear and anxiety that you experience over going to the dentist. Call to learn more!
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